Cancellation policy at the Glemmtalerhof

according to the GTC, 2006

The accommodation contract can be cancelled without payment of a cancellation fee

up until 3 months prior to the agreed date of arrival of the guest.

Outside of the given time period, the contracting party may withdraw unilaterally from the agreement subject to the following cancellation fees:

  • Up to one month prior to arrival 40 % of the total agreed price
  • Up to one week prior to arrival 70 % of the total agreed price
  • In the final week prior to arrival 90 % of the total agreed price

Moreover, the Austrian General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry apply.

To protect yourself from cancellation costs, we strongly recommend taking out holiday insurance - after all, better safe than sorry!


It is not so seldom that events can turn out differently than expected and the booked holiday

has to be cancelled. We want to spare you of this financial drawback and the frustration you experience alongside it. We offer you the following cancellation and travel insurance as a special service.

NEW: Despite the current pandemic situation there is coverage by the Europäische Reiseversicherung (European Travel Insurance) for Covid-19 infection starting 29th of May 2020. Details of this coverage are to be found here: